Army British Forces
Health 3000

Field Headquarters

The Field Headquarters is the primary command structure. This structure provides the core infantry and support units.

Deploy Infantry Section, Vickers Heavy Machine Gun, and Universal Carrier. Constructs additional British base buildings.

Buildable Units


Research Weapon Racks

Unlocks the Bren Mk. II Light Machine Gun and PIAT Weapon Rack.

The PIAT increases anti-vehicle firepower and the Bren LMG increases anti-infantry firepower.

Upgrade Time: 30s


Bolster Infantry Squads

Increases the squad size of Infantry Sections and Royal Engineer squads by 1.

Squads on field must be reinforced to maximum squad size.

Upgrade Time: 30s


Unlock No. 36M 'Mills Bomb' Grenade

Equip Infantry Sections with No. 36M Grenade often referred to as the 'Mills Bomb'.

Effective against units in cover or garrisons.

Upgrade Time: 30s


Platoon Command Post

The Platoon Command Post allows the player to order in Royal Engineers to support infantry and vehicles, as well as highly specialized support teams to engage specific threats on the battlefield.

Optional units: AEC Mk. III 75mm Armored Car or Bofors QF 40mm Emplacement.

Upgrade Time: 17s


Company Command Post

The Company Command Post allows the player to order in mobile cruiser tanks and heavy emplacements.

Optional units through Hammer or Anvil Specialization: Comet Tank or Churchill Mk. VII Infantry Tank.

Upgrade Time: 45s