Army US Forces
Type Infantry
Build Time 25s
Reinforce Cost
Squad Size 5
Entity Health 80

Assault Engineer Squad

Assault Engineers are tough combat troops whose primary tasks are creating or clearing battlefield obstacles and attacking enemy defensive positions.

Effective against infantry at close range. No movement penalties when moving through rough terrain.


560 XP

Unlocks the 'Repair Critical' and 'Destroy Cover' veteran abilities, +50% construction rate.

1120 XP

-25% weapon cooldown -29% received accuracy, +1 HP/s repair rate per model.

2240 XP

+40% accuracy.


M2 Flamethrower

Flamethrowers add a risk of explosive death if hit by incoming projectiles.

Improves anti-infantry capability with area-effect weapon.

Upgrade Time: 20s



Repair Critical

The squad can quickly repair one critical and a small amount of damage on a vehicle. Prioritizes the 'Heavy Engine Damage' critical.

Left-click ability and left-click damaged vehicle.



Demonstrating pure ingenuity, troops can repair any damaged structure, vehicle, or bridge with a repair rate of 1.6 HP/s per model. Conscripts repair with a rate of 1.06 HP/s per model.

Right-click on damaged object, or select Repair and left-click.

Plant Demolition Charge

Plants a powerful explosive charge capable of destroying structures, killing enemies, and punching holes in ice.

Player triggered.


Destroy Cover

The engineers plant a small timed demo charge at the target location, which can destroy cover, fences and other weak objects.

Left-click ability and then left-click to select target location.

Wire Cutters

Wire Cutters are used to cut through barbed wire fences or barbed wire fields.

Left-click and target enemy barbed wire.