Army US Forces
Type Infantry
Build Time 24s
Reinforce Cost
Squad Size 4
Entity Health 80

I&R Pathfinders

The I&R Pathfinders are scout infantry who come in ahead of the main paratrooper forces to mark enemy positions and safe landing zones. They are authorized to call down artillery support at designated targets.

A recon squad with excellent sight range and mid-range firepower. These I&R Pathfinders are authorized to call down artillery barrages.


340 XP

+5 sight range.

680 XP

-20% weapon cooldown, -29% received accuracy. Additional for I&R Pathfinders: +33% artillery and decoy barrage ability range.

1360 XP

+5 weapon range, +20% accuracy, camouflage stays shortly after leaving cover.


Paradrop Paratroopers

The Pathfinders call in two paradropped squads of crafty Paratroopers.


Hold Fire

Hold fire until explicitly ordered to attack.

Toggle ability.

Artillery Barrage

Call in a quick 155mm artillery attack on the target location. These powerful shells will kill infantry and damage vehicles.

Click and target position.


Decoy Barrage

Fires decoy flares at the target location. These flares may confuse the enemy into thinking an artillery strike is incoming.

Click and target position.


Setup Beacon

The squad will plant a hidden Beacon at the target location. This Beacon will reveal nearby enemy units on the mini-map, improve the accuracy of paradrops in the area, and allow Paratroopers to paradrop-reinforce when nearby.

Left-click and target position. Only three beacons can be placed.