Army British Forces
Type Vehicle
Build Time 55s
Entity Health 640
Armor 160/80

Centaur AA Mk. II Cruiser Tank

The Centaur AA Mk. II Cruiser Tank is a heavily armored anti-aircraft platform with powerful twin 20mm Polsten guns.

Effective against infantry and aircraft.


1790 XP

Unlocks the '20mm Strafing Fire' veteran ability.

3580 XP

+20% acceleration, +20% movement speed, +20% rotation speed.

7160 XP

+20% weapon burst length, -20% weapon cooldown, -25% reload.


Emergency War Speed

Increases maximum speed by pushing the vehicle's engine beyond its rated power for a short duration. Royal Engineers have made mechanical improvements to allow for this.

Left-click to activate. Duration 15s. Can only be used once until unlocked again. Modifiers: +15% maximum speed, +30% acceleration. While moving: -25% received accuracy.

20mm Strafing Fire

The 20mm cannons are pushed to their limit, laying down a rapid fire barrage at 450 rounds per minute in the designated direction.

Left-click ability and select target area. Lays down rapid fire on designated target and direction.


Command Vehicle Air Support

Call in a recon plane to patrol above the command vehicle for a period of time.

Click to activate.


Hold Fire

Hold fire until explicitly ordered to attack.

Toggle ability.

Vehicle Crew Repairs

Vehicle crews gain the ability to repair their vehicles rapidly. While repairing, the vehicle will be covered by a smoke barrage.

Click to activate.