Army British Forces
Type Infantry
Build Time 21s
Reinforce Cost
Squad Size 3
Entity Health 80

Infiltration Commandos

Commandos are the elite of the British army, formed from volunteers across all the branches of the military. They take on the most difficult operations, performing daring raids behind enemy lines.

Effective against infantry at short ranges. Can stealth in cover.


680 XP

The squad gains access to smoke grenades and allows them to heal when out of combat.

1360 XP

+30% accuracy, +25% grenade range, +35% movement speed during ambush for 3.25s.

2720 XP

The Commandos will drop a smoke grenade when they retreat, -10% received accuracy.


(PASSIVE) Ambush

Commandos utilize the integrated suppressor and subsonic ammunition of the Mk. VI Sten submachine gun to quickly take out enemy targets in close quarters.

Damage and movement speed increased when firing out of camouflage.

Demolition Charge

Plants a powerful explosive charge capable of destroying structures, killing enemies, and punching holes in ice.

Left-click ability, left-click target position.


Light Gammon Bomb

A Gammon Bomb packed with less explosives, but still possessing reliable damage and blast radius.

Left-click ability, left-click target area. Effective against Infantry and Team Weapons.


Light Smoke Grenade

Throw a small smoke grenade at a target location, units standing in the smoke will be partially obscured giving them light cover.

Click and target location to throw.


Hold Fire

Hold fire until explicitly ordered to attack.

Toggle ability.