Army British Forces
Type Vehicle
Build Time 60s
Entity Health 640
Armor 160/95

Sherman Firefly

The Sherman Firefly marries the chassis of the Sherman with the high-velocity 17-pounder. The result is widely regarded as one of few Allied vehicles that can effectively engage the most heavily armored German tanks.

Effective against vehicles.


2160 XP

+15% acceleration.

4320 XP

-25% reload, +35% turret rotation speed.

8640 XP

+30% accuracy, +40 main gun damage.


Tank Commander

The tank commander provides additional vision and increases the accuracy of the main gun.

+10% accuracy, +10 sight range.

Upgrade Time: 10s


60-pound Tulip Rockets

The Sherman Firefly can engage slower or static targets with its two high-explosive 60-pound RP-3 rockets.

Effective against stationary targets.

Upgrade Time: 10s



Emergency War Speed

Increases maximum speed by pushing the vehicle's engine beyond its rated power for a short duration. Royal Engineers have made mechanical improvements to allow for this.

Left-click to activate. Duration 15s. Can only be used once until unlocked again. Modifiers: +15% maximum speed, +30% acceleration. While moving: -25% received accuracy.

Prioritize Vehicles

Attacks vehicles freely, but holds fire against infantry and structures unless given an explicit order to fire.

Toggle ability.

Command Vehicle Air Support

Call in a recon plane to patrol above the command vehicle for a period of time.

Click to activate.


Tulip Rocket Strike

The 60-pound RP-3 rockets provide a spectacularly high explosive adjunct to the Sherman Firefly's considerable anti-armor capabilities and will smash through any battlefield obstacle to explode at maximum range. It will collide on any vehicle unit or any player owned building excluding ambient buildings.

Left-click and target direction.


Hold Fire

Hold fire until explicitly ordered to attack.

Toggle ability.

Vehicle Crew Repairs

Vehicle crews gain the ability to repair their vehicles rapidly. While repairing, the vehicle will be covered by a smoke barrage.

Click to activate.