Army British Forces
Type Infantry
Build Time 28s
Reinforce Cost
Squad Size 4
Entity Health 80

Tank Hunter Infantry Section

The Infantry Section forms the backbone of the British Army. They are well disciplined line infantry units that fight better when in cover.

Effective at long range vs. infantry and vehicles.


560 XP

+10 sight range while in cover.

1120 XP

-22% received accuracy.

2240 XP

+20% accuracy, -20% weapon cooldown.


Distribute Medical Supplies

Infantry section will heal themselves and any injured troops nearby, if they are out of combat.

Click to activate. Duration 30s.

Throw No. 36M 'Mills Bomb'

Standard issue No. 36M Grenade often referred to as the 'Mills Bomb' can kill or injure infantry in a radius.

Left-click ability, left-click target area. Effective against Infantry and Team Weapons.


Coordinated Fire

Orders all available 25-pounder howitzers in the British Army HQ to take aim and fire on the designated target.

Left-click ability, left-click target. All HQ howitzers will fire 6 shells at the designated target.


Gammon Bomb

Gammon Bombs, pouches tightly packed with high-explosive, have a very large blast radius capable of immobilizing tanks temporarily.

Left-click ability, left-click target area. Effective against Structures and Team Weapons.


Throw HEAT Grenade

The squad will throw a grenade at target vehicle.

Left-click to select ability, left-click on enemy vehicle target. Effective vs all vehicles.


Hold Fire

Hold fire until explicitly ordered to attack.

Toggle ability.

Vehicle Detection

The Tank Hunter Infantry Section are able to detect enemy vehicles through recognition of their specific noise signatures.

Duration 30s. Enemy vehicles appear on the mini-map.


Building Repair

Infantry Sections can repair any damaged structure, or bridge with a repair rate of 2 HP/s per model. At veterancy rank 2, +1 HP/s repair rate per model.

Right-click on damaged object, or select Repair and left-click.