Army British Forces
Type Team Weapon
Build Time 30s
Reinforce Cost
Squad Size 4
Entity Health 80

Vickers Heavy Machine Gun Team

The Vickers Heavy Machine Gun Caliber .303, earned its reputation for unparalleled reliability on the battlefields of WWI. A hammering rate of sustained fire effectively suppresses large groups of enemy infantry.

Effective against massed infantry, but must be properly positioned.


480 XP

+15% weapon and sight range when garrisoned.

960 XP

+30% penetration, +30% weapon rotation speed, +20% suppression.

1920 XP

+30% accuracy, +20% burst rate of fire, +20% suppression.


Ambush Camouflage

Infantry in cover can camouflage themselves from enemies. Ambushing enemy units while camouflaged will briefly increase the squads damage.

Allows squad to camouflage in cover. Brief increase in accuracy when attacking from stealth.

Upgrade Time: 30s



Direct Face Team Weapon

Order garrisoned team weapons to face a position. They will not switch firing positions if flanked.

You can either sub select garrisoned squads and issue independent facing orders or issue it to all garrisoned squads by selecting the building itself.

Cancel Direct Face Team Weapon

Cancels any direct facing orders for all garrisoned squads and reverts them to automatic targeting.

Click to cancel facing. Squads will engage their own targets.

Hold Fire

Hold fire until explicitly ordered to attack.

Toggle ability.