Army Wehrmacht
Type Team Weapon
Build Time 22s
Reinforce Cost
Squad Size 4
Entity Health 80

GrW 34 Mortar Team

GrW 34 8cm mortar teams provide effective indirect fire support on the battlefield. A high angle can hit targets behind objects, and a good rate of fire can saturate the area.

Barrage weapon. Effective against static infantry and structures.


480 XP

Unlocks the 'Counter Barrage' veteran ability.

960 XP

-40% barrage recharge.

1920 XP

+20% barrage accuracy. Note: Does not affect smoke.


Hold Fire

Hold fire until explicitly ordered to attack.

Toggle ability.

Rally at Forward Supply Station

The unit will move quickly to the nearest forward supply station.

Unit is uncontrollable while rallying.

Mortar Barrage

The GrW 34 Mortar Squad will fire four 8cm mortar rounds into the targeted area.

Barrage Weapon. Left-click ability, left-click target area.

Smoke Barrage

Fires three 8cm smoke mortar bombs into the target area.

Left-click ability, left-click target area. Blocks line of sight.

Counter Barrage

The team will automatically barrage enemy artillery weapons that fire within range.

Toggle Ability. Disables the use of other barrages when toggled on.

Incendiary Mortar Barrage

Fires an incendiary chemical round at the target location, burning infantry caught in the area.

Barrage Weapon. Left-click ability, left-click target area.