Army Wehrmacht
Type Vehicle
Build Time 50s
Entity Health 560
Armor 140/70

StuG III Ausf. G Assault Gun

Adding the high velocity StuK 40 7.5cm gun to the StuG III creates a true multirole assault gun. Capable of destroying tanks at great range as well as smashing defenses and enemy concentrations with high-explosive rounds.

Effective against light vehicles, armored vehicles, defenses and structures.


1510 XP

Unlocks the 'Target Weak Point' veteran ability.

3020 XP

+30% armor, -10% reload.

6040 XP

-30% reload, +20% rotation speed, +20% maximum speed, +20% acceleration.


Spotting Scopes

Vehicle commanders apply spotting scopes to improve their targeting capabilities by increasing line of sight.

When equipped, increases vehicle line of sight when the vehicle is stopped.

Upgrade Time: 20s


Pintle-mounted MG42 machine gun

Assault Gun crew uses the pintle-mounted MG42 for additional defense against infantry and aircraft.

Pintle machine gun offers some 1200 rounds per minute of extra protection.

Upgrade Time: 45s



Panzer Tactician

Use equipped smoke dischargers to block the enemy's line of sight.

Smoke blocks line of sight. Use smoke to reposition or cover a retreat.


Hull Down Release

Releases vehicle from Hull Down mode.

Target Weak Point

Loads and fires a Gr. 39 high-explosive anti-tank round that immediately stuns the enemy vehicle crew.

Effective against armored vehicles. Blinds hostile vehicles on hit.


Prioritize Vehicles

Attacks vehicles freely, but holds fire against infantry and structures unless given an explicit order to fire.

Toggle ability.

Hold Fire

Hold fire until explicitly ordered to attack.

Toggle ability.