Army Soviet
Type Infantry
Build Time 16s
Reinforce Cost
Squad Size 4
Entity Health 80

Combat Engineer Squad

Combat Engineers are basic combat troops whose primary tasks are building structures, creating or clearing battlefield obstacles, and attacking enemy defensive positions.

Can be upgraded to clear mines and cut wire, or equipped with a flamethrower.


340 XP

Unlocks the 'Trip Wire Flares' veteran ability.

680 XP

+20% accuracy, +1 HP/s repair rate per model.

1360 XP

No longer takes extra damage while repairing, +15% accuracy, -15% weapon cooldown.


ROKS-3 Flamethrower

Flamethrowers are deadly but add a risk of explosive death to the Combat Engineer squad.

Improves anti-infantry capability with area-effect weapon.

Upgrade Time: 20s


Hazard Removal Package

Squad loses firepower as a mine detector replaces one of their weapons. Also allows the cutting of wire.

Allows Battlefield Mine Detection (Passive). Unlocks the 'Wire Cutters' ability.

Upgrade Time: 10s




Demonstrating pure ingenuity, troops can repair any damaged structure, vehicle, or bridge with a repair rate of 1.6 HP/s per model. Conscripts repair with a rate of 1.06 HP/s per model.

Right-click on damaged object, or select Repair and left-click.

Trip Wire Flares

Plant a small anti-personnel mine that triggers a flare launcher when detonated, which reveals the enemy position.

Left-click ability, left-click target position. Area will be revealed for 8 seconds.


Demolition Charge

Plants a powerful explosive charge capable of destroying structures, killing enemies, and punching holes in ice.

Left-click ability, left-click target position.


Wire Cutters

Wire Cutters are used to cut through barbed wire fences or barbed wire fields.

Left-click and target enemy barbed wire.

Scorched Earth Trap

An incendiary charge will be triggered by units entering trapped sectors.

Click and target friendly in supply territory point. Triggered traps deny resource generation but disables the sector from being captured.


Booby Trap Capture Point

Booby Trap an owned (and in supply) Capture Point with explosives that trigger when enemies try to recapture.

Click and target friendly in supply territory point.