Army Soviet
Type Vehicle
Build Time 60s
Entity Health 1040
Armor 300/120

KV-2 Heavy Assault Tank

The Kliment Voroshilov KV-2 Heavy Assault Tank sports a massive M-10 152 mm Howitzer as its main weapon.

Effective against most targets.


3380 XP

Unlocks the 'Secure Mode' veteran ability.

6760 XP

+50% turret rotation speed, +10 weapon range.

13520 XP

+160 health.


Vehicle Crew Self Repair

Vehicle crews can repair battlefield damage on their vehicles once they leave combat with a repair rate of 10 HP/s.

Toggled Ability. Vehicle weapons and movement are disabled.


Inspire Infantry

The presence of this heavy tank inspires nearby infantry to assault the enemy with fierce bravery and determination.

Nearby infantry move at maximum speed and fire more quickly. 15s duration.


Hull Down Release

Releases vehicle from Hull Down mode.

Firing Positions!

The entire crew will stop and assist with the loading and firing of the main gun. Improving range and fire rate at the cost of mobility. The unit will have a minimum range in this mode.

Toggle on and off, makes the unit immobile and loses sight. Increased reload speed and range takes effect after 10 seconds.

Hold Fire

Hold fire until explicitly ordered to attack.

Toggle ability.

Prioritize Vehicles

Attacks vehicles freely, but holds fire against infantry and structures unless given an explicit order to fire.

Toggle ability.