Army Soviet
Type Vehicle
Build Time 50s
Entity Health 640
Armor 140/70

SU-85 Medium Tank Destroyer

The SU-85 Tank Destroyer employs a high-velocity 85mm D-5 main gun which is highly accurate even at extreme ranges. The gun can penetrate the rear armor of any enemy tank.

Effective against enemy armor at long range. Inaccurate when firing on the move.


1790 XP

Unlocks the 'Tracking' veteran ability.

3580 XP

+30% penetration, +30% accuracy.

7160 XP

-20% reload, +20% rotation speed, +20% maximum speed, +20% acceleration.



Significantly increases sight radius. Infantry can be tracked through the fog of war appearing on the mini-map.

Duration 20s.


Vehicle Crew Self Repair

Vehicle crews can repair battlefield damage on their vehicles once they leave combat with a repair rate of 10 HP/s.

Toggled Ability. Vehicle weapons and movement are disabled.


Focused Sight

Crew focuses on scanning forward of their vehicle to reveal distant targets.

Toggle ability. Increases sight radius in front of the vehicle, reducing max speed as well as peripheral vision.

Hull Down Release

Releases vehicle from Hull Down mode.

Prioritize Vehicles

Attacks vehicles freely, but holds fire against infantry and structures unless given an explicit order to fire.

Toggle ability.

Hold Fire

Hold fire until explicitly ordered to attack.

Toggle ability.

Tank Ambush

Tanks can hulldown their position and apply camouflage to ambush the enemy.

Toggle ability. Disables movement, but allows the vehicle to camouflage itself.