Army Oberkommando West
Type Vehicle
Build Time 40s
Entity Health 240
Armor 4/4

SdKfz 221 Scout Car

The SdKfz 221 is a fast scout car armed with a machine gun to engage infantry targets.

Effective against infantry.


720 XP

Unlocks the 'Defensive Smoke' veteran ability, +10% accuracy, -11% received accuracy.

1440 XP

+30% main gun accuracy, +30% sight range. Additionally for the Sdkfz 222: +15% MG accuracy.

2880 XP

+20% rotation speed, +20% maximum speed, +20% acceleration, +20 health. Additionally for the Sdkfz 222: +20% main gun accuracy, +15% MG accuracy.

3850 XP

-25% received damage while using the 'Lockdown' ability.

4750 XP

Unlocks the 'Riegel 43 Anti-tank Mine' veteran ability.


Spotting Scopes

Vehicle commanders apply spotting scopes to improve their targeting capabilities by increasing line of sight.

When equipped, increases vehicle line of sight when the vehicle is stopped.

Upgrade Time: 20s


FuG 12 Radio Set

By adding an 80-watt FuG 12 radio set and a bed-frame antenna, 221 can be upgraded into a versatile command car.

Grants 'Signal Relay' and 'Lockdown' abilities. Increases health and armor.

Upgrade Time: 25s



Emergency Repairs

Vehicle crews gain the ability to repair critical damage on their vehicles. The crew is very vulnerable during this repair procedure.

Duration 15s. Vehicle is immobile and weapons are inactive.


(PASSIVE) Signal Relay

The 223 is able to intercept incoming radio transmissions to pinpoint the location of enemy vehicles in the FOW.

Passive ability. Detects enemy vehicles on the minimap that are near the 223.

Hold Fire

Hold fire until explicitly ordered to attack.

Toggle ability.

Medical Supplies

Boxes of Medical Supplies are dropped for infantry to pick up.

Left-click ability, left-click target position. Nearby infantry are healed when they pick up medical supplies.


Defensive Smoke

Use equipped smoke dischargers to block the enemy's line of sight.

Smoke blocks line of sight. Use smoke to reposition, cover a retreat, or remove movement imparing effects.


Riegel 43 Anti-tank Mine

The Riegel 43 is a long bar mine that is specifically designed to cause damage to tracks or wheels, immobilizing the vehicle that triggers the mine.

The Riegel mine can only be triggered by vehicles.


Supply Lockdown

The 223 set-up in a friendly sector, immobilizing itself in exchange for increased resource production.

Toggle ability. Increases resource gain while the sector is in supply. Applies only to the owning player.