Army Oberkommando West
Type Vehicle
Build Time 60s
Entity Health 320
Armor 11/5.5

SdKfz 251/17 Flak Half-track

This half-track is mounted with a rapid-firing 2 cm FlaK 38. Collapsible sides are deployed to give the gun a full range of motion, and the half-track should be placed to provide anti-infantry as well as anti-aircraft support.

Effective vs. infantry, light vehicles, and aircraft.


880 XP

Concealing Smoke ability cost from 35 to 25.

1760 XP

+33% rate of fire, +25% weapon rotation speed, +25% damage, -50% scatter.

3520 XP

+30% accuracy, -25% weapon cooldown.

4750 XP

+15% penetration, +11% range.

5750 XP

+15% maximum speed, +15% rotation speed, +30% acceleration.


Emergency Repairs

Vehicle crews gain the ability to repair critical damage on their vehicles. After 3 seconds upon activating, one critical will be fixed and repairs start at a rate of 30 HP/s for 12 seconds. Prioritizes the 'Heavy Engine Damage' critical.

Duration 15s. Vehicle is immobile and weapons are inactive.


Concealing Smoke

Use equipped smoke dischargers to block the enemy's line of sight.

Smoke blocks line of sight. Use smoke to reposition or cover a retreat.


Handbrake mode

The vehicle will not respond to movement commands to prevent unwanted vehicle rotation.

Toggle Ability. The vehicle will hold position at its current location.

Hold Fire

Hold fire until explicitly ordered to attack.

Toggle ability.